hey! let’s be friends on instagram. Jared bought me an iPhone for valentine’s day and now I feel like joining every single social unetwork available!

username: alphabetpizza

good things!
+ painting my nails.
+ being lazy.
+ my iphone. seriously in love.
+ sushi waiting for me in the fridge.
+ this crazy ohio weather.
+ bailey’s creme brûlée coffee creamer.
+ easter basket planning. (making gift baskets is one of my favorite things to do!)
+ playing rummy and finally winning a game!
+ freelance jobs.
+ a coworker telling me i’m the most kind person she knows. melt my heart.
+ tax return should be arriving soon!




yesterday brit m, brit l, and i went on a tiny thrifting adventure.  the glasses shown above were my favorite purchase of the day.  they’re small and perfect!  new cups can be my excuse to drink too many mimosas, right?  i’ve been looking for weekend at bernie’s on VHS for at least a year.  for some reason i’ve been wanting to watch it and brit spotted it at goodwill!  i can’t remember ever watching it so i may be disappointed.   it was only $1 so it won’t be too much of a loss.



+ leaving for vacation soon!

+ aveeno chapstick (my friend denise introduced me to it)

+ gathering little things for an easter basket for jared.

+ making lots of mix cds. (i always love trades)

+ waking up early enough to eat breakfast before work.

+ shopping trips with my sister and niece.

here and there

+ christmas 2011 was just about perfect. well, it really was perfect. i spent it with my family, we feasted, we covered the living room floor with wrapping paper. everyone was happy and content. that makes me happy.

+ we had our second secret santa gift exchange at wacky wednesday (my group of friend’s weekly craft/eat/watch videos club)

my friend alicia had my name. she bought me super cute cupcake stationery and the tiny, food erasers that i collect! it was a perfect gift.

+ i don’t know why a lot of people put a lot of pressure on themselves to have a good new years eve. it’s probably my least favorite celebration of the year. that said, mine was spent drinking sangria and playing games. (and that was perfectly fine with me)

+ staying in bed for way too long. i blame this on my new sheets.
+ watching arrested development.
+ jared and i are visiting his family in florida in three weeks!
+ discovering dum dum girls.
+ all the sunshine we’ve had this week.
+ how much i love my boyfriend.
+ pear tea.
+ having customers tell me i’m good at my job.
+ so addicted to pinterest.
+ buying myself things (that i don’t need) without feeling guilty about it.

one of jared’s favorite things in the whole world is salmon. so on christmas eve i surprised him with salmon + cream cheese + dill roll ups, brie & grapes, biscoff cookies, and sparkling apple cider. we snacked and watched a charlie brown christmas, like we always do. i can hardly believe that this is the 7th christmas we’ve spent together. crazy, crazy!

look at all of those presents! on christmas day we had a big brunch, opened lots of presents, and watched the home alone i got from my mom. it’s pretty ridiculous that i’ve gone so many years without owning this movie because it’s one of my favorites.

my sister & my niece.

some presents…

sweaters, pajamas, sheet set, scarf.

these posters and record are from jared along with a new record player and speakers!

he set everything up while i was in the shower christmas morning then told me to come upstairs to “help him wrap presents.”

i love it!