i was typing up an entry for the last fifteen minutes then i went to preview and it somehow all got erased! anyways. there wasn’t anything overly important in those paragraphs…just blabbing on about not blogging for a long time, how time goes way too fast. i’m sitting here with chilly hands, finishing up a freelance project, and telling myself to get up and wash the dishes because my eyes hurt. staring at a computer screen for 7ish hours each day will do that to ya. (even though i’ve been wearing reading glasses at work)
it’s 2013. holy smokes!
i’m twenty five & have a grown up job. holy smokes!
jared and i have been together for over seven years. holy smokes!
i haven’t written an entry over here for so long that i don’t even know what to talk about. so maybe i’ll just write a good things list.
+ my oscar.
+ the coziness of a hot cup of chai.
+ instantly connecting with some people.
+ finding old mix cds.
+ philosophy’s “hot buttered rum” 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath. smells like i’m showering in a cloud of caramel. magical.
+ telling myself that I WILL send christmas cards in the mail next year.
+ having off work for christmas & new years.
+ watching too much tv & wearing pajamas during that time off.
+ sleeping in with no alarm. it’s the best feeling.
+ my growing obsession with lipstick.
+ organizing! (helps my brain feel better)
+ not making new year’s resolutions.
+ going on vacation soon.
+ having brunch with my family.
+ my new hello kitty vans.
+ starting to build an epic blanket fort in my bedroom.
+ spotify.
+ playing with my nail stamping supplies.
+ baby hugs & kisses from my niece.
+ baked oatmeal.
+ finally working on a creative project. (stationery)
i miss you guys. you people that aren’t on instagram! i miss being really involved in the blogging world.

11 thoughts on “+

  1. This made me happy. After a long awful day and a crappy start to 2013, this made me smile.

    Thanks :)

    I’m glad I don’t have resolutions either.

  2. I love your entries. AndI agree. I miss the tight-knit community of blogging over at LiveJournal. Remember those days? Everything just feels so much less personal these days. I just want to say that I find you and your photographs and blog posts so very inspiring. I hope you have a wondering 2013! :)

  3. I was meaning to comment when you posted this twenty four days ago, yikes time goes too quickly. I agree! 2013 already, it is craaaazy. Hope you have many, many more ‘good things’ lists this year :)

  4. You might never read this, but figured I’d leave a message anyway. I used to follow your LJ many, many, many years ago. You helped me appreciate simple things in life. Your journal would always make me smile. I hope you’re doing well. :) You still are an inspiration.

    • julie,

      this comment made my day! thank you so much for the sweet words. are you instagram? i spend entirely too much time uploading pictures over there. my username is alphabetpizza.


      • Hi!
        I am not on Instagram (yet!), but I will have to check it out!
        As silly as it may sound, this was like running into an old friend again. For all the negative things there may be on the Internet, meeting genuine people makes it worth it. <3

        …. I also need to admit that reading your LJ led me to a life-long obsession for owls (but they're so adorable, it's only natural. Especially on mugs). Thanks for sharing your happiness with us!


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