worky work

things have been quiet over in this part of the blog world. i hardly use my desktop computer anymore since i got this stinkin’ iPhone. it’s so easy and allows me to be lazy. (well, more lazy)

i don’t have anything important or super interesting to fill you in on except that i got a new job! it’s a graphic design position at a local-ish publishing company. it’s pretty much the job i’ve been trying to find for 6+ years. i have the evenings off and saturdays off as well. having a real weekend is beyond amazing. i really like my coworkers, i get my own office & i can wear whatever i want. there’s hardly anything i don’t like about this job. except that i miss my old coworkers. it’s weird to go from seeing certain people every single day to hardly seeing them at all.




2 thoughts on “worky work

  1. I **knew** you’d eventually get a job like that. Like, since you were in *high school,* I knew (you’ve had this blog since you were 18ish, right? Been following a long time!) Congratulations!! Glad to hear you love it. Was wondering about the not-so-much posting…I know what you mean about iPhones…they’re great for a lotta stuff but somehow less conducive to other stuff than an “actual” computer. Anyway nice to see you here. :)


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