hey! let’s be friends on instagram. Jared bought me an iPhone for valentine’s day and now I feel like joining every single social unetwork available!

username: alphabetpizza

good things!
+ painting my nails.
+ being lazy.
+ my iphone. seriously in love.
+ sushi waiting for me in the fridge.
+ this crazy ohio weather.
+ bailey’s creme brûlée coffee creamer.
+ easter basket planning. (making gift baskets is one of my favorite things to do!)
+ playing rummy and finally winning a game!
+ freelance jobs.
+ a coworker telling me i’m the most kind person she knows. melt my heart.
+ tax return should be arriving soon!

2 thoughts on “

  1. I haven’t taken the plunge into Instagram yet….I’m still holding on to the hope that “film” will be a thing.

    But if you’re downloading Apps, my favorite is Shazam. If you hear a song but don’t know what it is, the App listens and tells you! I use it all the time.

    AND you should play Scramble with friends. It’s Boggle!


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