yesterday brit m, brit l, and i went on a tiny thrifting adventure.  the glasses shown above were my favorite purchase of the day.  they’re small and perfect!  new cups can be my excuse to drink too many mimosas, right?  i’ve been looking for weekend at bernie’s on VHS for at least a year.  for some reason i’ve been wanting to watch it and brit spotted it at goodwill!  i can’t remember ever watching it so i may be disappointed.   it was only $1 so it won’t be too much of a loss.



+ leaving for vacation soon!

+ aveeno chapstick (my friend denise introduced me to it)

+ gathering little things for an easter basket for jared.

+ making lots of mix cds. (i always love trades)

+ waking up early enough to eat breakfast before work.

+ shopping trips with my sister and niece.

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  1. weekend at Bernie’s was funny when I watched back when it came out I don’t know if I would still consider it great watching it now, tastes change so much over the years and what you once found enjoyable now isn’t. I watched ‘stripes’ the other day as I remembered it being so funny…it wasn’t.

    I have never ever made a mix cd…I guess I am always a little scared people will think my taste in music is horrible. I have music from the 20s and the 40s, my taste is truly all over the place :/

    Have fun watching weekend at Bernie’s :)

  2. oh waking up early for breakfast is the best thing.
    i remember back in your lj days you saying you did tae-bo, is there a certain dvd you watched or did you go to classes?


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