here and there

+ christmas 2011 was just about perfect. well, it really was perfect. i spent it with my family, we feasted, we covered the living room floor with wrapping paper. everyone was happy and content. that makes me happy.

+ we had our second secret santa gift exchange at wacky wednesday (my group of friend’s weekly craft/eat/watch videos club)

my friend alicia had my name. she bought me super cute cupcake stationery and the tiny, food erasers that i collect! it was a perfect gift.

+ i don’t know why a lot of people put a lot of pressure on themselves to have a good new years eve. it’s probably my least favorite celebration of the year. that said, mine was spent drinking sangria and playing games. (and that was perfectly fine with me)

+ staying in bed for way too long. i blame this on my new sheets.
+ watching arrested development.
+ jared and i are visiting his family in florida in three weeks!
+ discovering dum dum girls.
+ all the sunshine we’ve had this week.
+ how much i love my boyfriend.
+ pear tea.
+ having customers tell me i’m good at my job.
+ so addicted to pinterest.
+ buying myself things (that i don’t need) without feeling guilty about it.


2 thoughts on “here and there

  1. I also collect erasers although my collection disappeared the day I gave my container to my kids :/ I must start collecting again. Sounds like a perfect christmas and new year, I spent mine yawning…my aunts that came over never left and I was so, so tired


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