one of jared’s favorite things in the whole world is salmon. so on christmas eve i surprised him with salmon + cream cheese + dill roll ups, brie & grapes, biscoff cookies, and sparkling apple cider. we snacked and watched a charlie brown christmas, like we always do. i can hardly believe that this is the 7th christmas we’ve spent together. crazy, crazy!

look at all of those presents! on christmas day we had a big brunch, opened lots of presents, and watched the home alone i got from my mom. it’s pretty ridiculous that i’ve gone so many years without owning this movie because it’s one of my favorites.

my sister & my niece.

some presents…

sweaters, pajamas, sheet set, scarf.

these posters and record are from jared along with a new record player and speakers!

he set everything up while i was in the shower christmas morning then told me to come upstairs to “help him wrap presents.”

i love it!


3 thoughts on “

  1. I love Salmon in every form I’ve tried. If Jarrod likes Sushi he should try the Philadelphia roll..its yummy!

    I have that stereo and it sounds great. I got two of the blue sweatshirt you it cause they are so warm.

    Home alone is one of my fav movies and I dont own it either lol


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