2nd annual cookie exchange

my sister and i hosted a cookie exchange at her house this past weekend. if you’re not familiar with what a cookie exchange is, it’s a small party where you take a certain number of dozens of cookies to swap with others. how many cookies you make depends on how many people are invited so everybody gets the same amount to take home. at our exchange, everybody made six dozen cookies then took half a dozen of each cookie home with them. normally you’re supposed to print out a recipe of your cookie for everybody but we had everybody email their recipe to us and we made a little booklet so they were all together.

our menu: potato soup, sticky ham & cheese sandwiches, (if you haven’t had these before, make them. they’re so so good.) tiny cheese balls, and a raspberry vinaigrette salad.

hot chocolate toppings…

i suggested that next year everybody package their cookies individually so the flavors don’t mix so much. (and i like an excuse to personalize everything)

i found a recipe online for hot chocolate milk so i bagged that and tied a cookie cutter to it as favors.

4 thoughts on “2nd annual cookie exchange

  1. Everything looks so yum & what a lovely idea I have never heard of it before…I don’t usually make cookies but if you have some yummy recipes I will gladly accept them ;)


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