baby baby

last weekend my sister & her husband took a little trip to new york and i was the designated babysitter for my niece, jenna. i baby/dog/house sat from thursday – sunday evening. i was a bit nervous to be taking care of a tiny being for four days straight because i hadn’t done it before (and i over think everything) but it went perfectly! no complaints on my end.

we built a blanket fort in the living room, read lots & lots of books (which i love)

we made banana pancakes for breakfast…

i had time to write some letters.

i think jenna had fun too!

what a cutie.

5 thoughts on “baby baby

  1. How sweet of you…coming from a mother you do not know how much days away from your child can save you from going crazy. You are a darling sister that anyone would be lucky to have ;) and she is a real doll, sounds like four amazing days


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