advent inspiration

in the past years i’ve become obsessed with advent calendars. i like counting down to things and little gifts so how couldn’t i love them? i’m in the process of putting together six advents this year for christmas! (as gifts for people) i’m being generous with these because i’m trying to do lots of random acts of kindness this holiday season. (Random Acts Of Kindness Christmas RAOKC? ok, maybe the acronym won’t work..hah)

here are some beauties over on etsy…

while i’m on the subject of christmas, i’m taking part in the angel giving tree this year! “The annual Christmas gift drive provides toys, clothing, special-needs gifts, or other wish list items to kids and senior citizens experiencing financial hardship.”
i saw a commercial the other day and was really excited about the project so i “adopted” a four year old from this little area in ohio. there aren’t photos or names. just the age, location and what they need and want. you pick the location/age of the person you want to adopt, buy whatever presents you’d like, then mail or drop off the gifts at the nearest salvation army! i strongly recommend you do this if you feel inclined. i’m already finished buying my presents. i love this kind of thing! read more about it here.


12 thoughts on “advent inspiration

  1. i did the angel tree all through high school and it just makes you feel really good. i love those advent calendars…♥

  2. whoa i just realized my username takes me to a blog that no longer exists…our new url is

  3. Ooooh! Love the advent calendars. I’ve been looking for ideas, since this year I want to be sure to have one. I loved the one I had growing up, and I want my daughter to have the same tradition…even though she won’t be able to actually realize it’s happening for a few years. Heehee.

    • i’m totally going to do this with my kids too. i wish i could make one for my niece but she’s only a year old so i’ll have to wait a few years. :)

    • i was talking to my mom about the project and she mentioned that the elderly people probably get left out which made my heart sad but she’s going to adopt one this year. so that makes me feel a bit better!
      i’ve been doing the samaritan’s purse boxes for the last few years but this year i thought i’d change it up a bit. i usually do art supplies too!


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