here & there

my best friend’s mom gave me this adorable frame for my birthday.

i couldn’t pass up this adorable, festive plate from target. i’ll probably use it for our cookie exchange.

thanksgiving cards i’m going to send my neighbor & grandma.

in love with this song lately…

3 thoughts on “here & there

  1. Did she actually sew each button on? I would be so lazy and just glue them.

    And I really dig M83 as well! We should swap mixes again. I need more new music in my life.

  2. HI there!

    i found you thru a penpal/mailart site but the post is a little old and i was wondering if you
    are still looking for a penpal………I don’t have any experience in this penpal thing but my family and friends don’t like to write the way i do so i’m thinking i need to find some like minded people. lol. deb


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