75 cents

the budget is a local newspaper that has been around since 1890. a lot of times it’s referred to as “the amish newspaper” because the majority of the paper consists of what they refer to as “letters” written by amish and mennonite people. there are pages and pages (at least 15) of letters that people write from all over the united states. there are also some from canada and other countries. the writers are called “scribes”. they write pretty mundane things about the weather and general happenings in their area of the world every single week.

along with your ordinary news and such, there is a section that is full of addresses of people that you can send mail to! they call it a card shower. i’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to realize how awesome this is. i’ve grown up with this newspaper but never really paid attention to it until the last year or so. awhile ago NPR was talking about the budget and i could hardly believe it. i had no idea it was such a popular newspaper in other places besides tuscarawas county. it makes me feel really proud of little sugarcreek, ohio.

last night i stopped at the dollar store and picked up a handful of cards for 50 cents each. i chose four people to send cards to. after the stamp, i’m basically spending a dollar on a stranger to brighten their day. that’s pretty ok with me.

12 thoughts on “75 cents

  1. What a great idea!! I should see if there’s an opportunity to do something similar here. I am in love with your new blog header, by the way!! I haven’t clicked thru my reader for a while, I guess!

  2. PS! Thanks a million for the sweet fall mix. Did you get mine? I wasn’t able to include much music but I hope to make it up mail wise soon. :o)

  3. This is such a darling idea! I noticed the address in your first photo. Have you visited Arthur, IL? I’m not sure that it still exists, but there was a little country attraction I used to visit there when I was little called Rockhome Gardens. I don’t think it was Amish owned but they sold Amish goods and served Amish style meals. It was filled with funny little buildings made of soda bottles and stones. I think you would like it. Very cute!


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