birthday part two

the afternoon after my super awesome surprise party my family and a few friends planned a scavenger hunt for me! (this was also a surprise) i was lured out to my car because there was a bucket with a balloon attached to it, hanging on my side view mirror. the first coordinates took me to dover, the town jared lives in. there i found a plastic bag attached to a mailbox. (i knew who lived there – don’t worry. i wasn’t creeping in stranger’s yards, haha) from there i was lead all around. at each stop there was a hello kitty lollipop in the bag with the next clue. how cute is that? the last clue took me to my sister’s house where my family, jared and a few friends were waiting for yet another surprise party! crazy, crazy. they did a mystery dinner with all of my favorite foods. macaroni & cheese and cheesecake being a few of them! then i had a belly ache from eating so much and opened a bunch of really great presents. i went to bed on sunday night in a rainbow-colored birthday haze.

i often wonder how i got to be such a lucky gal.


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