good things:
+ loving all of the colors of leaves everywhere.
+ my mom’s caramel corn that is painfully addicting.
+ my niece’s scrunchy face.
+ taco bell’s 99 cent flatbread sandwiches.
+ yellow legal pads.
+ how delicious pumpkin syrup is in chai tea lattes.
+ polka dot nails.
+ sleeping better because the weather is cooler.
+ anxiously awaiting packages to arrive in the mail.
+ sweet potato sushi.
+ listening to beach fossils a lot.
+ my adorable grandma telling me about her cats.
+ a customer telling me i have a nice smile.
+ new, soft sweatshirts.
+ shopping by myself.
+ seeing friend doppelgangers.
+ this video:

+ geocaching with brit.

+ shows at the ballroom.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Such a great video I agree! Oh and this sweet potato sushi sounds amazing!!! I need to get my hands on this goodness. I hope you are enjoying your autumn so far.
    Much Love,


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