on saturday i took off work to set up at a local craft fair. and by local i mean in my neighboring town. do you know how exciting this was to me? i live in a small town in ohio with hardly anything going on in it so it’s nice to see things happening that i’m interested in. heidi, who does some of the neatest sewing i’ve ever seen, helped organize this event.

this probably looks super small to all of you seasoned craft show-goers but i was impressed!

my stuff is on the left. i shared the table with my friends jordan and mary. we laughed so much and ate a bunch of snacks which was good because jordan was having a horrible day. i hate when my friends are sad.

+ making fall mix cds! do you want to trade? comment!
+ can’t get enough of shimmering stars. i ordered their album earlier today.
+ shopping at pat catan’s. my crafty haven.
+ the present i’m making for jared’s mom for christmas.
+ $2.50 sushi rolls on mondays at katana.
+ my birthday is in 6 days! i secretly wish that everyone that’s going to comment on my facebook would send me a card in the mail. that would be amazing.

9 thoughts on “

    • thank you! i was thinking about posting about it on facebook but then i was worried people would think i’m self-centered or something.

    • yay! send me your address. you can comment here with it or email:

      jane po box 398 baltic, ohio 43804

      (by the way i just went to your journal and all i had to read was “french toast” and “x-files” to know that i love you already)

      • :D yay! Kindred spirits!

        I sent you my address. I’ll send off your mix this monday! I make mix cds all the time, I’m glad someone appreciates them as much as I do.<3


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