ohio has been graced with autumn’s presence and i couldn’t be happier. fall time is my favorite. the season i feel “at home.” i can wear layers, long sleeves, scarves and pants! i’ve been sleeping so much better. last night i left a window open just a tad so i could snuggle up with an extra blanket!

does anybody want to do a fall-time mix cd trade?
(i was inspired by laura’s post)

oh so good things
+ doing lots of christmas shopping! i love love love buying gifts.
+ finally getting my hair cut.
+ my new doctor who shirt. (j & i are having a doctor who and pizza date tonight)
+ listening to sufjan stevens after kind of forgetting about him for awhile.
+ two bands i just discovered: oregon bike trails & metronomy.
+ so excited for new seasons of it’s always sunny in philadelphia, dexter, and how i met your mother!
+ working on freelance projects on my porch:

+ birthday breakfast for brit. pancakes, bacon, and chocolate milk in goblets!

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  1. Ooh, awesome! I’ll email you! So… how do we do this? Do we each make one CD to give to one person, or do we make how ever many copies as there are people participating? I’m up for anything… unless there end up being a hundred participants. I may possibly need backup for an operation of that magnitude.


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