i was inspired to make a “bits + pieces”-type post because of bleubird vintage. back in my livejournal days i took a lot of photos like this. i’m not sure why i don’t take as many photos or blog as much as i used to. maybe i’m more lazy, maybe i’m more busy.

my almost everything drawer in the bathroom.

this stuff is delicious!

new nail polish i bought at CVS. it’s called “moonstruck” and i’m pretty much in love with the color.

i took a wonderful, cool shower when i got home from work today. it’s ridiculously hot again these last few days.

my favorite kitty in the whole world…oscar!

new magazines to look through.

a jumble of headbands, wreaths and pins i’m selling at a craft show in a few weeks. i need to get organized and craft more.

tiny guy hanging out on the air conditioner.

i ordered a new cover for my phone. it’s such a happy color!

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  1. hi jane, i do remember you – i was on livejournal as nonsensical_fae & i remembered ordering a bunch of your zines. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, we should definitely exchange letters/postcards and stuff :)

  2. I was just thinking about/missing the LJ days last week. Why was it so much easier to take photos, upload those photos and write pages and pages back then? I miss it a lot. I’m trying to post a couple times a week (and trying to remember to check others’ blogs!) but it’s different now.

    But I love your blog!
    I want to swap mixes! I just need to find time to make one!



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