since the beginning of 2009 i’ve been keeping a documentation of what i did each day. the journals i keep aren’t full of “i’m feeling ______ today” type of things. i just write what i did that day. so these aren’t the kind of journals i need to hide under the mattress.

it’s fun to look back and see what i did this day a year ago, two years ago.

i LOVE shopping for new notebooks, journals, pretty much anything paper-related. i’m going to need a new one in a few weeks and i found this cute, owl one at border’s for 40% off. jared and i went to border’s last week and it made me so sad to see the bare shelves and discount signs everywhere. it made me think of you’ve got mail when kathleen has to close her store. so sad.

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  1. kim! it’s so weird that you commented because i was just thinking about you the other day and i was wondering how your wedding went. now i can see :)

  2. I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile but I haven’t gotten myself started yet. I kind of have a weird dream to be the next Samuel Pepys! I’m wondering how much you typically include in a day. Is it just a few lines that sum up the day or are you writing meals and clothes and more specific stuff too?


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