some things i think about…

1. when somebody is wearing sunglasses are you still expected to make eye contact even if you can’t see their eyes?

2. why is it weird for somebody to see a girl in her bra & underwear but it’s perfectly accepted when she is wearing a bikini?

3. why is silence sometimes “awkward” with a person you don’t know very well but with somebody you’re comfortable with it’s not? i mean, when you meet somebody that’s what you’re working towards – being comfortable. why can’t you just jump to that?

4 thoughts on “some things i think about…

  1. i think about number 2 all the time. i have a friend who is always all covered up and modest and doesn’t want you to see her arms then she will wear a bikini without a thought!

  2. 1. I always try to, but then I feel awkward because it seems like I am just looking at myself. So then I try to look elsewhere.

    2. No idea… I don’t want people to see me in my underwear, nor in a bathing suit. So, who knows… and the people that wear skimpy bikinis usually don’t mind people seeing them in their skivvies.

    3. I ponder this ALL. THE. TIME.

  3. Ha, all very good questions! Number 2 really stumps/bothers me though. Is it wrong for me to feel okay about people seeing me in my bra/underwear since it’s covering up the same amount of skin as a swim suit?


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