everything i did yesterday i did alone, which is odd, but i enjoyed it! i love being alone. to just have time to myself and not talk. i had the whole day off work so i woke up at a decent time, threw on some clothes, quickly ate a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and drove to dover for hospice’s huge, annual garage sale. in the past years that i’ve gone, there have always been a ton of people there so i thought i’d go within the hour they opened but i was wrong! it was still full. i found one thing for myself: the land before time on VHS. i used to LOVE that movie when i was younger. besides that, i bought some little stocking stuffer presents for other people. (i’m so much better at buying things for people than for myself) i’m getting a head start on my christmas shopping this year!

after that i babysat then headed up to canton for a craft show a friend was organizing while first friday was taking place downtown. a friend of a friend (laura) contacted me through facebook and told me she read my livejournal back in the day. i thought it was super crazy because she’s the second person to tell me that! it makes me feel really good to know that people actually read (past or present tense, hmm) my blog. it’s so weird how everybody is connected in some way or another. i kind of really love it. laura and i shared a table and chatted the whole time about cats, crafts and alone time. it was great! not that many “customers” came by to look at the goods we were selling but that’s ok. i still had fun.

(my half of the table)

(laura’s half of the table)

the girl beside me was selling cupcakes. i purchased this chai-vanilla one and enjoyed every single bite. it was delicious..and ended up being my dinner!

it was an all around good day.
and speaking of good things…
it’s raining & storming right now! perfect sleeping weather.

6 thoughts on “sales

  1. Glad to know you had some fun in Canton. If you do it again, let me know! Or even if you just go up to check things out. That cupcake looks UHMAZIN.

  2. I love that you appreciate stuff like “perfect sleeping weather”. I’ve been reading your blog since Summer 2005, I think (no idea how I first found you!) and love hearing about little life details. You’ve traveled from my computer bookmarks to iPhone bookmarks! :)

  3. Ps I love alone time, too. Too much of it and I go a little nuts, but too much *without* it, whoa. It’s a balance. I’m sure you get this.


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