i didn’t have a day off work this week so i’ve been looking forward to a lazy day to myself and today i had one. i slept in, met a friend at the park, went to goodwill, bought a cute shirt, talked to the cashier about the moon, drove the back way home, hung some laundry out to dry, made iced tea, caught up on blog-reading (for the most part) and enjoyed the air conditioning. (this 90 degree weather & i don’t get along so well)

now jared is at my house and i’m planning on my day ending with some super snuggling.

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  1. I love that photo of the flower-weed. (it’s sort of both, right?) What are you shooting with these days? We have nieces around the same age and I owe you an email from ages ago! But still out here reading your stuff and likin’ it lots. :)
    – yr pal D. in Brooklyn


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