pasta & a shirt

two completely random (& awesome) things!

i do a lot of things for my sister (babysitting/graphic design/etc) and refuse to accept money so she usually buys me lunch or dinner and i’m perfectly happy with that. we ate at rebecca’s bistro last week. it’s a small, quaint restaurant with delicious food. i chose their special of the day which was gourmet macaroni & cheese and i got tomato soup as a side. it was SO GOOD. especially because those are my two favorite foods. the macaroni had bits of prosciutto in it – yum!

jared’s roommate bought a shirt for jared but it was too small so i got it! it’s all around amazing. it says, “last of my kind. handle with love”. i love taking his clothes that shrink or are just too small. they’re always the most comfy.

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