today felt weird. it wasn’t like my normal wednesday that i’m used to. for some reason i slept horribly last night. i woke up every so often, very warm, even though my air conditioner was on. i tossed and turned. i just laid in bed from 5-5:30 am until i finally told myself “this is ridiculous. just get up!”. i ate cereal, watched boy meets world and packaged up cookies for mom. wednesday is normally farmer’s market day but we didn’t go today. my great uncle is in the hospital in cleveland so my mom & some other family wanted to visit him. i stayed home, babysat my niece, did laundry. then around 2 the sleepies set in really bad. i took a short nap and i’m feeling sleepy again.

our local jo-ann fabrics moved into a much bigger space that’s in the mall. they just opened up last week so brit, shane and i went to check it out tonight. it’s a crafty haven of awesome. it’s HUGE.

i am in love.

good things!
+ sweet corn for dinner
+ gray nail polish
+ i need to make these nutella cheesecake bars very soon
+ throwing a baby shower tomorrow
+ 95% sure that i’m photographing a wedding next month
(i am nervous)
+ bianca’s mix share swap
+ never getting tired of this song:

2 thoughts on “

  1. I’m sure you will do superbly on the wedding…good luck and remember – have fun.

    & those nutella cheesecake bars look scrumdiddlyumptious!

  2. Yesterday was weird for me to. I feel much better today and now I feel compelled to go check out the new joanns. It looks amazing. No more trips to canton for certain yarns! :)


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