part two

(stole both of these from mallory)
playing giant dutch blitz at wacky wednesday.

the new season of the farmer’s market started so every wednesday mom and i work really hard getting lots of baked good ready to sell.

i’ve started selling my headbands and wreaths there!

wonderful momma.

friends of ours played a show at the auricle in canton to raise money for sound equipment for the ballroom.

shows are happening at the ballroom more frequently. more and more people come and it makes me really happy. i’m proud of jared for getting this venue going and bringing so many people to dover.

(i love my camera but it does horrible in low light)

5 thoughts on “part two

  1. dear jane, i’ve missed you!!! so glad you commented on my blog!!! how do i get a hold of one of your wreaths & a headband!?!?!? they are adorable!!!!

  2. sorry i just now got home from vacation!!! a trade would be great. what are you thinking? i’ve got a few small paintings maybe you would like, some homemade cards, etc.


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