part one

i’d say it’s about time for me to update over here! it’s so easy to write & update facebook (oh how i wish i could get away from it) so i’ve been neglecting this blog. the last few months seem to blend together. i wouldn’t be able to remember anything that happened if i wouldn’t keep a daily journal. it’s not a private, full-of-feelings journal but more of a documentation kind of thing to help me remember things. i feel a little weird if i can’t think of what i did two weeks ago so it’s nice to be able to check. plus it’s interesting to see how my days vary year by year. sometimes i think i have a memory problem. who knows.

here’s what i’ve been up to:

brit and i ventured up to toledo to see the get up kids & saves the day. i really liked the venue but i was disappointed that the get up kids didn’t play any of my favorite songs. it was still super fun.

babysitting the little lady.

going on little dates with jared! last week we picked up some chinese food, ate at the park and watched a movie. eating at the park wasn’t a very good idea because it was really windy that day. my rice was blowing off my chopsticks! jared and i don’t get to spend that much time together, alone, so i always appreciate these times.

after the movie we went to get my favorite coconut ice cream from taggart’s! it’s so delicious.

to be continued….


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