it’s always times like these, when i should be sleeping, that i feel like the need to blog.

jared’s ninja turtle party was a huge success. i think everybody had a great time, including the birthday boy! how could you not when there are a billion pizzas?

i’ve been without my camera for almost a week so i haven’t taken pictures aside the crappy ones with my cell phone. the past week+ has been crazy hot weather that causes me to turn into a super grouch, having a bad mix cd party at this past wacky wednesday craft club, the first market day of the season, selling my headbands, eating my mom’s peach pie for breakfast, loving my window air conditioner in my room, daydreaming about my dream wedding, pigtails, (i’ve been letting my hair grow out) feeling like i’m hardly home, enjoying the delicious avocado & turkey subs at subway right now, (i swear if i could marry one of those darn subs, i would) babysitting more, getting stung by a wasp, starting the first season of the x-files (mulder!) and realizing we won’t have a spring this year. straight into summer! summer is my least favorite season but i can deal…i think. i’m hoping to be outside more in the next few months.

crafting! i always feel very “in my element” when i’m in my room listening to an awesome mix cd and making things. i could stay in there for hours.

this was my little part of the table at the farmer’s market. the other part was my mom’s cookies & pies. i only sold three items but any amount of extra money is awesome.

outside wacky wednesday. stole this photo from mallory

brit and i are seeing the get up kids / saves the day this weekend! i am BEYOND EXCITED! plus i’m going to meet one of my online pals, grace!

3 thoughts on “

  1. I <3 MY BROOCH.

    p.s. I will soon have my studio cleaned up. Then some massive craftin should take place. You know, since we ARE a craft club…


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