on sunday my sister and i made a little mother’s day lunch. (this was probably my favorite part of the weekend) we made minestrone, turkey + mozzarella + pesto paninis (seriously try it, they’re AMAZING) and a strawberry cream cheese trifle. the food and gifts we gave mom were a big success! she loved everything. this is the card i made for her…

shortly after we finished eating jared, his brother (who is up from florida, visiting us) and i ventured up to akron to square records and then to cleveland to see surfer blood at the grog shop. i hadn’t been to the grog shop since 2009! the show would have been a lot more enjoyable without the opening bands because i didn’t like them and surfer blood didn’t start playing until midnight. i had to be up by 7am for work and was grumpy about the whole thing. yes it’s my fault i went, i realize this but i didn’t think it would last so long. i know that since i’m young i should be able to go to work on three hours of sleep but i can’t. i am a beast with a headache if i don’t rest enough. this is why i will never get mad if my friends don’t want to go out some night because they want to sleep. sleep is AWESOME.

the past five days have been really busy. and when i say busy i don’t necessarily mean with “work” things. it’s been late nights, a ballroom show, gatherings, meeting lots of new people, secretly critiquing how well people hug/give handshakes, using so much gas. ($50 to fill up my tank doesn’t make me a happy lady) i absolutely love my friends but being social for long periods of time wears me out. a lot of people automatically think that means i have social anxiety but that’s not the case at all. i used to be a lot more shy but i’ve broken out of my shell a lot in the last few years. (this is mostly because jared is one of the most sociable person i know) carolee and i have talked about this via postal letters and her words explain it best: for X amount of social time, you need X amount of alone time. i call it decompressing time where i can just chill and not have to think so much. if i don’t have that once in awhile i get whiny and it’s just plain annoying. i annoy myself. tomorrow i get to “decompress”. every wednesday i babysit my niece and i love hanging out with that little lady so much! i’m hoping to work on some mail, sweater mending and monkey bread-ing.

(i designed my first ballroom poster for the show that took place this past weekend)

good things
+ red velvet ben & jerry’s!
+ PORK magazine
+ sunshine.
+ meeting crafty ladies.
+ mix cd trades.
+ the new fleet foxes album. so good.
+ friends having babies!
+ buying little, surprise gifts for friends.
+ my incredibly giving family.
+ the memories music.

white fang (from portland) played at the ballroom a few weeks ago and i liked their music but i’m super into one of their side projects, the memories. another plus is that the lead singer makes an awesome zine.

One thought on “

  1. It’s so funny that you would bring up the social/solitude thing and how it relates to something I said, because I was just thinking about that today.

    Normally, at my day job, there is a whole lot of working quietly with my hands, with occasional chatting. We don’t have a lot of meetings and social times are very carefully moderated because we all like long periods of quiet. We are book people, after all. Everyone tries to be respectful of people’s break times. One co-worker studies Japanese on his breaks and we are all loath to interrupt him because he needs that quiet time.

    But this week, I was working in a different building, with a couple of the same co-workers, and I was shocked by how weird it felt to deviate from that routine. In that other building, the atmosphere is really different: large groups of people routinely go for lunch and coffee breaks together. They are always chatting. People will come over while you are working and talk at you. My boss actually had to tell them to leave the room, because we needed the quiet time to process the work (we were looking at maps from the 1600s and determining what kind of condition they were in).

    It really drove home to me how right it can be to need that mental space, and how to a great degree it is determined by what you’re already accustomed to. I spend a lot of my time working with my hands and going over stuff in my head. And even though I think of myself as being social, conversational, and friendly, by the end of all of these unusual days of work with unusual people and *constantly* having coffee with other people…I was ready to find some closet somewhere where I could be alone. IT IS THAT POWERFUL.

    funny. sorry for rambling.


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