the “baskets” that my mom gave us this year were purses. mine had big, bold flowers on it so i understand why she thought of me when she saw it but it was way too blingy for my taste. so i returned it at target, got a gift card and bought some things i normally wouldn’t with my own money. (a lot of times i feel guilty buying frivolously for myself) target had these adorable watches and basically the whole time i was walking around the store i was trying to decide which one i wanted to buy. i’m so extremely indecisive that i just bought both. so far everybody who sees them says something along the lines of, “hey 1985 called, they want their watch back”. blah blah. i don’t even care. i love them.

secondly, i bought these sally hansen nail stickers. i’ve had my eye on these since they came out! i had brit put them on my nails last night. they turned out better than i was expecting.

alright, i need to get busy! it’s my day off and i want to make the most of it. i have an excessively large pile of laundry to fold, among other things.

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