saturday off

yesterday i took off work with every intention of going to pittsburgh for handmade arcade. for a few different reasons, i decided to not go. so jared and i spent the rainy, gloomy day sleeping in until noon, then taking a little trip to akron to do some record shopping and finishing it off with dinner. i didn’t buy any records but i had a lot of fun being with my favorite dude all day. we also went to revival for the first time. it was super cute & had lots of ohio pride t-shirts i’d love to have.

2 thoughts on “saturday off

  1. We must have been riiiight behind you. But I did find vinyl. And I got the cutest little purse at Revival. And I did Zentangles. And I saw the Escher exhibit at Akron. And I went bowling. And I had sushi in tCounty. WHEW.


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