road trip

you can ask anybody that knows me and they will tell you that i’m not a spontaneous person. and it’s true. i’m one of those people who looks at every angle of a situation and thinks about it way too much. i’m a homebody. i know that people get annoyed with me saying “no” to a lot of things. so i’m trying to be better about it. for a few weeks jared has been planning on going to kansas city, missouri to the middle of the map music fest to support our friends, state bird and to enjoy the sounds of the raveonettes (!!) and APPLESEED CAST. (i have a never ending love affair with the appleseed cast that takes me back to being fourteen years old) it’s a 13 hour drive from ohio and i decided on tuesday that i wanted to go. i got somebody to cover my shifts at work tomorrow & saturday and we’re leaving late tonight! i tend to get bored on long car trips but i have a giant mad lib book, some weird oil that’s supposed to help with motion sickness and we’re traveling with two people that are in our social circle that i don’t know very well so i’m sure we’ll have lots to talk about. i’m missing a baby shower and a birthday party since i’m going to this but i’m hoping they will understand. my little apple suitcase is packed with clothes, dried cranberries (my new favorite snack) to munch on, ginger ale, and a few copies of the band schedules printed out. yes i am that person. i actually considered printing out the weather for my car mates but realized i’m the only one who would care. i would probably type up an itinerary if it wouldn’t make me look so crazy. i’m considering this the first mewn wrox road trip.

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