a few good things

some mail i sent out last week.

recycled some newspaper & a page from a magazine into birthday present wrapping.

stopped by caroline’s cupcakes for the first time.
the “cinnamon toast” cupcake was my favorite.

+ guest blogging over at bianca’s blog.
+ brewing ideas for crafts to sell at the farmer’s market this season.
+ family time.
+ my niece laughing when i squeak at her.
+ having this past friday off work.
+ going to a store looking for a coat for myself but instead finding four presents for other people.
+ hugging jared. (he seriously gives the best hugs)
+ the simple art of sending postcards.
+ clean sheets that were hung outside to dry.

3 thoughts on “a few good things

  1. Hi Jane! I have a feeling that your subscribers are going to spike, because of your guest post over at Goodnight Little Spoon :D I already like your blog! :D


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