when i’m busy doing a handful of things i always think, “it would be awesome to just stay at home on the couch all day”. days like today remind me that i don’t really want that. i haven’t felt 100% since tuesday and i woke up feeling worse this morning. i decided to call off work because nobody likes to be rung up by a sniffly-nosed lady who feels like they’re about to throw up. so i stayed home. on the couch. all day. not for enjoyment, but to rest & try to feel better for tomorrow. i blew my nose about 300 times and by 5 o’clock i was feeling a little loopy. there weren’t any interesting shows on television, i caught up on my google reader, browsed flickr and at one point i actually couldn’t think of one more thing i wanted to look at on the internet. it’s like i hit the end of the internet, for the day anyways. i watched the soloist which was kind of disappointing but took up two hours.
according to the weather channel, there’s a bunch of snow coming our way. i think i’ve said it before but ohio weather has been crazy. sweater weather, rain, cold, snow, warm, cold, rain & now it’s rain-snow. awesome.

i’m going to try to sleep now. goodnight, friends.

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