happy sunday

maybe it’s the sun shining and the snow melting. maybe it’s the homemade granola with bananas that i ate for breakfast or how extra soft jared’s face felt when i kissed him goodbye this morning but i’m feeling really happy today. sundays tend to be my fall-into-a-grouchy-slump-if-i-don’t-do-anything day. (i wish i knew why)

i’m feeling especially thankful for everything in my life. i lead such a blessed life. i try to be thankful for this every single day but sometimes i fall off the thankful wagon when little, negative things happen. i’m so lucky to live in a big, old house with lots of character. yes, my room is beyond freezing in the winter but i have blankets to cover up with. when it’s hot or cold outside i have a good car to travel in. (even after four years, i’m still very much in love with my element) i have two arms, two legs, two eyes that see well, ears that hear well. i’m thankful for my amazing mother who i always talk about but she deserves so much appreciation. she has a heart of gold and would do anything for anybody. my sister who is the exact opposite of me but always pushes me and feeds me yummy food. i’m thankful for livejournal because it’s introduced to me to some incredible people, including jared. this year will be our sixth year together. he’s exactly what i need. he keeps me from being too much of a realist, surprises me with little gifts and tickles me until i can’t breathe. i’m happy that he has such a fun, loving family. i’m thankful for my friends who constantly inspire me, listen to me vent and make me get out of the house. i’m thankful for my job. even though i get frustrated at times, it’s quite rewarding most of the time. i like getting the chance to try to make somebody happy for a tiny bit of their day. every time i receive a letter, postcard or random bit of art in the mail i feel lucky that somebody took time out of their day to make me something just because they wanted to. i’m thankful for my creative, weird brain. even though it never powers down.

jared bought me toms for christmas but i had to exchange them for another size. i couldn’t wear them for awhile because of all the snow but i’ve been trudging around in them. i absolutely love them! it’s true, they’re as comfortable as everybody says.

it’s about time for a what’s in my bag photo…

if you know me in real life, you know that i carry a lot of crap around with me. i’m always prepared! or try to be anyways.

– in the green flowery pouch: band-aids, aleve, aspirin, floss, tiny scissors, nail clipper, cuticle cutter, nail file, tissues, small bottle of tacky glue, mini deodorant, needle & thread.
– little owl pouch holds my business cards and other random cards
– regular check book, insurance check book, planner
– cell phone charger
– ipod, video camera, my regular camera (not pictured because i’m using it)
– reusable bag that my grandma made
– wallet
– cough drops
– gum, lint roller, chapstick
– mini old maid game
– lock de-icer, pens, sanitizer spray

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