cold toes

right now i’m listening to fleetwood mac, waiting on jared + brit + shane to get here. we’re going to play ratuki then i’m going to play secretary and help jared organize some things. he and the guys he lives with are starting a record label! i told them i want to be “secretary/official snack maker”. i’m pretty excited about this. a lot of our friends are so talented and i think this will be a good way to get stuff out there. speaking of that, my friends just released their new album. you should check it out here

after not going for two weeks, j and i went to wacky wednesday last night. (our weekly craft group) and by craft i mean 1/8 of the people make things/work on projects but it’s mostly just a giant hang out. it’s pretty awesome. last night i made a bunch of these fabric rosettes. you can tell by the above, scanned photo that i am currently too lazy to take a proper photo. all you need is fabric and a hot glue gun to make them. they’re super easy! i glued some on a headband this morning…it turned out pretty cute!

+ catching up on laundry. all of my slippers are nice and clean.
+ hot soup on a cold night.
+ the get up kids are playing at the grog shop next month!
+ jared surprising me with two super adorable reusable bags from joann fabrics. (definitely my favorite from my collection)
– stepping in cold, slushy grossness.
– walking around the house in my socks then stepping in a tiny pool of water that was left from somebody’s shoe. ugh.
– getting little headaches almost every day. last night & today i’ve randomly felt dizzy every so often.

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