today i walked outside and gasped at how beautiful it was. the sun was out and it was in the 50s. i know everybody is talking about this but it made me feel so good. it smelled good outside. i was comfortable in a hoodie. it was perfect. i keep thinking about all of these things that i want to do when it’s warm outside. like have giant, picnic potlucks and go on a photo scavenger hunt with a bunch of people. who knows if these things will actually happen. i always have too many ideas in my head that don’t turn into more than just ideas.

the past two days…
+ took a (way too long) nap due to feeling exhausted for no reason.
+ babysat yesterday. 10am-10pm.
+ went into speedway with my pajamas on. i have a “don’t wear pajamas/sweatpants in public” rule and i broke it. oh well.
+ watched valley girl with jared.
+ ate cookies for breakfast.
+ helped the dudes at jared’s house take down their christmas tree.
+ went to the library.
+ tried to make these chocolate cakes but did a few things wrong and they didn’t turn out so well. edible, yes. delicious, no.
+ played dicecapades with friends and laughed so much. i will never ever get tired of playing games.
+ was reminded by the newest episode of how i met your mother about pinback. one of those bands i listened to when i was 15ish and forgot about.

i wanted to share these two because they were so cute:

this kid’s room. absolutely wonderful!

how adorable are these dessert bars?

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