i made last wednesday “cupcake day” because i finished up my valentine’s day box for our little contest at work, baked cupcakes for wacky wednesday (our weekly craft club) and wore my cupcake necklace from amy! i only had vanilla icing at my house and felt too lazy to make chocolate icing from scratch so i whipped in some nutella into the vanilla and it turned out pretty tasty! as for the contest, brit won with her awesome penguins:

last week i surprised jared and took off work without telling him. we spent the day sleeping in, thrifting, getting some posters printed, making extremely funny faces due to warhead-eating and listening to biz markie in the car. it was a really good day.

i used to not understand why people enjoyed going record shopping until i got my own record player. now i think it’s fun to dig for hidden treasures! i made a little cake platter with the dishes i thrifted for $1.75. i think cupcakes will look cute on it! i used this tutorial.

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  1. i bonded with two old men today while record hunting. we were all digging for the same types of records. haha. and i got called a “star”. not too shabby.

    p.s. your cake plate is amazing! i would love to give it a whirl!


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