23 random facts

(i posted this on livejournal before. OH WELL)
1. i hate blow drying my hair. there are few things i find more boring.
2. i almost always fall asleep on my side.
3. i use both a mac and a pc. i like both.
4. i could live off of macaroni & cheese, tomato soup and iced tea.
5. i rewrite notes if they don’t look right to me.
6. i get great joy out of buying presents for people.
7. i work in retail and it has made me really critical of customer service in other places.
8. i’m a libra.
9. my whole life people have thought i’m older than i really am.
10. i frequently have dreams where i am lost at school.
11. tea is my preference. (mint!) i’m not a coffee drinker.
12. i have a short attention span when it comes to video games and shopping.
13. i want to live in a magical place that has constant fall weather.
14. sometimes i think i’m too selfish to own a dog.
15. i have a lot of old lady tendencies like always having tissues/napkins with me, earlier showings of movies and enjoying staying at home.
16. i always want everybody around me to be happy and drama free.
17. at different points in my life i wanted to be a veterinary, elementary teacher, pet bakery owner, doula.
18. i sent myself mail as a child. (what a waste of stamps!)
19. i’m the most indecisive person i know.
20. i love finding loose change.
21. i tend to be a pushover in most situations.
22. i want to learn how to speak spanish.
23. i have tinnitus so my ears are constantly ringing. i’ve gotten used to it so it usually only bothers me when i’m trying to fall asleep.

2 thoughts on “23 random facts

  1. Re: #9 Are you able to elaborate? How old are you now and how old do people think you are? When you were 3, did people think you were 5? When you were 13, did people think you were 23? Or 17? Or 14?

    Has #16 caused you to get rid of friends who are experiencing drama or unhappiness? Does your desire for drama-free happiness actually induce drama and unhappiness? (for example, people getting angry at you for not accepting their present unhappiness or dramatic situation?)

    #1: this causes me to think that washing your hair, or conditioning your hair, or brushing your teeth, or clipping your toenails, are actually incredibly exciting events in your life. Perhaps if you hold on to the excitement you feel while washing your hair, you can extend it to the drying part. I’m not sure how you would do this. Maybe if you imagine that drying your hair will bring you to the magical place in #13? No. Then drying your hair will become a constant disappointment, instead of just a dreary task.

    Maybe you should stop actively trying to dry your hair and let it be naturally air-dried.

  2. (I stopped checking LJ and just saw you moved here, yay! :) (littlesparrow over there, aspenglow on flickr)

    I am the same way with about 98% of this list!! craziness. except people always think I’m younger. the last time I went to a museum… they asked if I was a student… as in… 18 or under. (I’m almost 30).


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