four paws

yesterday my mom, grandma and i went to this thrift store in coshocton. my mom had went there a few weeks and told me she thinks i’d like it. she was right! it’s a thrift store/adoption center. there were a few stray kitties running around in the shop window, one in the store and a little island of adopted babies! people that aren’t animal lovers would probably think this kind of place is gross but whatever. it’s just a small place but there are little nooks here and there. i think i actually gasped when i saw the “library”. it’s just a narrow hall FULL of old books. i spent most of my time in there. i was mainly on a hunt for cute, old dishes to make cake plates out of but i don’t usually find what i’m looking for when i go thrifting. i bought two books for a birthday present and a shirt for another birthday! i was happy to find a red, plaid, super-comfy-looking shirt but it doesn’t quite fit. so that will get passed on also. this is a good thing since i’m trying this whole SIMPLIFY thing out. (the element’s trunk is currently full of bags and boxes of things that are going to be dropped off at one of our local thrift store)

after looking through all of the treasures at four paws, we went out to lunch & treated ourselves to ice cream sundaes afterward. we rarely get to take my grandma out and she really enjoyed it. she always likes to argue with me about who is going to sit in the back seat and i told her if she doesn’t sit in the front i’m never going with her ever again. she laughed and said, “OK! i will! i love when we go places together”. awww cute, little grandma.


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