productivity on a snowy day

i stayed in my pajamas all day but i was productive on this iced-in day. my sister and niece were at our house most of the day because nobody had to work. jenna and i took silly photos together and i tried to catch her giggling on video. (i swear she gets cuter every time i see her) then i got to attacking my giant mess of a room. i had my ipod on shuffle while i sorted buttons, made a trash pile, a giant pile of stuff to send to goodwill. i went through all of my fabric that no longer fit in my giant green tote. i downsized so much that my fabric, felt and *most* of my crafty supplies fit into the tote! it feels so good to simplify. i still have a lot to go through but tomorrow is my normal day off so i’ll have another free day! it’s awesome being home from work but our hours have been cut so much already that snow days hurt the old pay check.

i originally got these tiny, little containers at the dollar store to make an advent calendar but that didn’t happen. i found the perfect use for them today though. they were $3 for 24 of them!

i absolutely love sorting things. i could do it all day.

amy & i did tae bo then mom made baked macaroni & cheese for dinner. my most favorite food.

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