in an effort to create more space, i’m trying to go through all of my magazines and rip out the pages i want to keep/will use in the future. i used to do this a lot more a few years ago but for some reason i stopped. i’m organizing them in different binders. craft ideas, recipes, house decor/design, etc. doing things like this is very relaxing to me. earlier today i *started* going through my closet and throwing things into goodwill, trash & give away piles. i didn’t get too far because my mom wanted me to go with her to look at a couch that she found on craigslist. i’ve gone with jared a few times when he bought things from craigslist. i just think the whole thing is so weird. (a lot of things are weird to me because i analyze them too much) just think about it…you are going into a stranger’s home and looking at something they’re trying to sell you. it’s awkward and usually quick. the guy selling the couch today really liked to talk. i just wanted to leave because we clearly didn’t want the couch after we saw it. my mom was all, “well i’ll think about it”. she asked me what i thought and i said, “well honestly, i really don’t like it”. which is kind out of my character but i’m never going to see this dude again so what would it matter? i’m not sure why i’m talking about this. like i said, the whole thing is strange. never seeing this person again and having such a short interaction in their home. needless to say, we’re not getting the ugly couch.

the rest of my day was: going to my favorite mexican restaurant with my mom for lunch, folding a mountain of laundry, re-watching friday night’s episode of fringe with jared, finishing some mail to send out tomorrow, trudging around in pajamas & slippers, coffee milkshakes, starting my current freelance project, cold hands.

random bits:
– it’s been SO cold the past few days. yes, it’s winter in ohio but the temperature has been extra low. yesterday when i went to work it was -10 degrees! i can handle the cold as long as i don’t have to drive in the snow. i’m a giant baby.
– ever since jared bought me an ipod touch for christmas (2009) i’ve been acquiring so much new music. with all of the new stuff getting added to itunes the old stuff seems to get pushed back, unintentionally. today i had my ipod on shuffle while cleaning and fleet foxes came on. i’ve listened to that album so many times but not much in the last year so when “blue ridge mountains” came on i thought, “this sounds so good!” i forgot how much i love them. speaking of ipod shuffle…it’s such a good thing for me because i’m so extremely indecisive when it comes to choosing songs to play.
– the new decemberists album is getting a lot of not-so-good reviews. it’s obviously not as good as the old albums but way better than the hazards of love. i totally couldn’t get into that.
– on friday night one of my coworkers and i were talking about how we miss making valentine boxes at school and sticking cute little hearts and notes in other people’s boxes. then we came up with the idea to do it at work! i’ve been trying to spread the word and so far i have a handful of people that are on board. i’m so excited about it!

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  1. I actually bought the new Decemberists album for Dave as a Valentine’s Day gift. I haven’t heard anything from it, but a friend I know said she liked what she heard and that made me think Dave would like it. They have similar taste in music.

    That’s such a cute idea! I miss those Valentine’s school days. I love goody bags and the like. It was always nice when you received a handmade card too. That seemed to be pretty rare! I once received a post-it note with a heart on it and through the heart was a nail and he gave this to everyone in the class! He was an interesting fellow. haha


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