vacation | FL

it feels weird typing into a new template for a blog entry. i’ll have to get used to this.
this past thursday jared & i came home from florida. we were there for a week to see his family & have a second christmas with them! it was so nice to get away after all the holiday-fast-paced stuff. every time i go to florida my coworkers always ask, “did you go to the beach?”. every single time. i always have to remind them that i don’t like the beach or wearing shorts at all. this past trip was full of: thin crust pizza, awesome presents from jared’s family, fresh fruit every morning for breakfast, perfect weather, making little desmond dance & laugh, playing at the park, sleep, blanket fort movie theaters, fun shows, hugs & kisses on the cheek* and flight delays. i was sad to leave the southern state and head back up to snowy, cold ohio but it always feels good to be home and sleeping in your own bed. nothing beats that.

*when i’m around jared’s family is feels so much different than being with my family. they always kiss each other on the cheek when arriving/leaving and i love that. i always hug my mom & sister but aside from them, i never hug my aunts, uncles, cousins. his family is mexican, mine is amish. cultural differences!

jared has been friends with one of the dewar’s band members for awhile. they were on tour back in november and stayed at jared’s. we had breakfast with them and showed them the way to their next city. they just happened to be playing a show in west palm the night we arrived. they played with the back pockets and it was one of the most entertaining/fun shows i’ve been to in a long time.

check them out:
the dewars
the back pockets


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