today i’m feeling particularly negative about things. things meaning financial problems. it seems like i just can’t get ahead and i haven’t had extra spending money in months. because of this, i’ve been trying to tell myself that it’s silly for me to complain about this because there are people who don’t have 1/4 of what i have. a car, job, home. i need to be thankful! over and over. it’s easy to get sucked into money-crap but i’m trying not to.

as of right now i’m sitting on my couch, ripping music onto my macbook. i got a stack of 8 cds yesterday at my favorite library. oh, and three dvds! one being Son Of Rambow. which was fantastic and i recommend it for sure! i loved everything about it. the silliness, the french boy, the “common room”, the joy. anyways, about the library. i love going there and as i just mentioned, i really don’t have extra money to buy cds or rent movies so the library is such a wonderful place to go. i feel like if people would actually think about what they could do, the shelves would constantly be empty. it’s such a great, magical thing. you can go there and take anything you want! for free!

i need to change out of these pajamas and bake some chocolate chip cookies.

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  1. What CDs (nuts) did you get from the library? I was gonna go there tomorrow and I just may not if you’ve got everything good! SHARE SHARE SHARE!

    You never do it, but you should get on iChat because I miss you.


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