as of right now i’m lounging around in my bed, being a super lazytron and listening to the rain drops outside my window. last night i took tylenol pm again because i had a headache. but also because i love that feeling of being so tired you can just collapse into bed and fall asleep. that doesn’t happen very often to me. it could be the fact that my dad has suffered with insomnia a great portion of his life. anyways, i slept great but had weird dreams all night. sleeping aids normally have the effect on me. i woke up this morning to see that it was rainy, dreary and gray outside. sometimes this might put a damper on my spirit but most of the time, it makes me feel comfortable. makes me want to stay inside and create. i have off work today so i don’t have any obligations other than dropping my car off to get an oil change and to eat dinner with jared. i love days like this.

looking forward to:
* my boy taking me out to dinner tonight. we’re going to macaroni grille, one of my favorite restaurants. i’m hoping to eat lots of crusty bread and yummy pasta!
* this weekend is Cabin Weekend. my aunt & uncle own a little cabin close to their house that they rent out to people who like mini vacations. it’s surrounded by trees, in front of a lake, and even though it’s about a minute from my house, it still feels nice to be there. i designed their brochure so they offered a free weekend there as payment!
* next thursday is payday. i’ll have a little more hours on this paycheck than the last and i’m looking forward to paying things off that i couldn’t have before.


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