8 things

i was tagged by mallory to do this little list thing.
8 random things about yourself.

1. ever since i was a child i’ve had problems handling criticism. even though it was supposed to “help” me improve my work. (whether it be photography or graphic design) it’s something i’m trying to change about myself if i want to continue doing freelance design work.

2. i find comfort in the fact that most people have a certain smell. i also like the smell of patchouli, burnt matches, books and clove cigarettes.

3. i sometimes try to control things around me by doing inane things. it may be slight ocd. whatever it is, it’s annoying and i wish it would magically go away.

4. i absolutely love to dance. i can’t remember a time where i’ve been ready to stop. i probably look ridiculous while doing this but who doesn’t look silly when they’re dancing? one of the happiest moments i can remember was at a dan deacon show in cleveland. everybody was sweaty and close and dancing. nothing could have broken my happy feeling that evening.

5. i’d really like to get back into the routine of eating healthy and exercising. for a few months i was doing really great but the routine fell through and i haven’t been able to start back up. i’m thinking it would probably help me sleep better, improve my mood and just make me feel better overall.

6. it’s been over a year & a half since i’ve put out an issue of Stab Heart. (my zine) this is completely uncalled for. i think one of my problems is that i think about what people want to see/read too much. it’s my zine! i should put in whatever i please. maybe stab heart #10 will be full of lol cats!

7. i’m a firm believer in karma and the golden rule.

8. i think my mother is the most amazing, talented woman i know. and i’m not just saying that because she’s my mom. she’s so patient and kind with everybody that she meets. she somehow knows how to do everything you can possibly think of. make perfect bread & cookies & pies, sew quilts, fix doors, recreate almost anything from a restaurant. all in all, i love her so incredibly much and i wish she’d realize how great she is.

i’m not tagging anyone but i’d love for you to do this too!


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