a little something new.

i’ve loved making lists for as long as i can remember. i can’t exactly remember when, but for awhile i was doing something i called the “monday five”. i posted a little list of five things every monday on my livejournal. that faded out for some odd reason but my friend, gizaodecera told me she would like to see a come back! so i thought, yes of course! feel free to fill out my list topic in your journal each week! i’d also love suggestions for new list topics.


i hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

chloe brought it to my attention that i forgot to put vitamin water on this list. i’m so sorry, vitamin water. you know i love you oh so very much. please forgive me.

4 thoughts on “a little something new.

  1. Hi

    You have a wonderful day too!!!

    Nice and colourful handmade items that you have made…

    I’m Jainabee from Gain Your Exposure to Your Blog from SwapBot.

    Gonna rate you soon:)


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