late morning

i woke up this morning around seven am shivering. i fell asleep without my pajama pants on because i like how this one certain blanket feels against my skin. maybe that’s weird, i don’t know. i have a thing with texture. sometimes good, sometimes bad. for example, i hate touching velvet. it’s really disgusting to me. anyways, due to having no pants on and it being twenty below zero outside, (yes, i know!) i was obviously cold. my room is very hard to heat and during the night i had turned off the space heater because it had been running non stop for a day and all i could imagine was it sparking and me waking up in the middle of a fire bed. not sure why i always think of those horrible situations. i was going to try to cover up more and turn on the heat again but i opted not to.

i knew my mom would be up because she always gets up at 5am or earlier even on her days off work. i went downstairs and crawled into her bed with oscar while she mopped and cleaned the kitchen. i felt like a little kid again and it was very comforting. needless to say i fell asleep right away in warm-blanket-mountain and had crazy dreams about being at this weird camp where a few people had things wrong with them. not deformities but super powers, but not good powers. i remember being seemed so real. the weird dreams probably occurred because of the sleeping pill i took last night. they’re known to do that to me. one thing i love about sleeping pills is that absolute exhausted yet relaxed feeling of sleepiness that you get. i love being so tired that i can lay down and immediately fall asleep. that doesn’t happen often. now just in case you think i’m addicted to sleeping pills, i’m not. i, on average, take about two every month.

today i feel making things. it’s a sad thing that i have to leave for work in about thirty minutes. i’d really like to add some goods to my etsy shop because it’s looking pretty sparse right now. here are some things i’d like to sell:

  1. cute pillowcases (maybe with personalized monograms!)
  2. wallets
  3. more zines, which means i need to make more!
  4. valentines, although it’s too late for that at this point.
  5. homemade envelopes.

ok, i really need to get ready for work now.

One thought on “late morning

  1. Mmm, I’ve been pretty happy with my cold room (I turn the heat off when my partner isn’t paying attention). Being pregnant means I’m SO WARM pretty much all of the time & I hate waking up all sweaty and sticky.
    Poor boy though…. he’s frozen :(


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