coldest day.


as of right now: it’s friday morning, i have off work, it’s -14 degrees! i seriously can’t remember the last time it’s been that cold in ohio. i’m laying in my bed fort with 3 blankets covering me, the space heater on and my furry oscar boy is curled up in a ball at the foot of my bed. it’s surprisingly warm in my room. it’s normally really hard to heat because i have 5 windows and my house is crazy-old. i’m so super comfortable in my bed that i’m considering not leaving it for a long time. here are the lazy activities i can do: fill out a survey i got in the mail, watch tv/movies, text people, read a book, read the new issue of Bust. i should go downstairs and make myself some eggs and toast…but i’m just too cozy.

yesterday seemed so incredibly long to me. like it lasted 48 hours instead of 24. i’m not sure why. it wasn’t even a bad day so it didn’t make sense! i’ve felt weird all week. i’m not sure if it’s jared being gone (until sunday..two more nights!) or my lack of money or just regular old pms. maybe a combination of all three. i had to open at work yesterday morning at 7am. the roads were really bad so we had a ridiculously small amount of customers coming in. it was so bad that i was keeping a tally chart, marking how many people i rung up. i worked from 7-12 and i waited on eleven people! (by the way, in case you didn’t know i work in a little bakery that’s attached to a restaurant.) needless to say i had a lot of free time. i the other day i decided to take a book along to read. technically we’re not supposed to bring things like that in because it doesn’t look professional or whatever but if we have everything done, (ie; stocked shelves, folded boxes, clean floors) and nobody is coming in, what are we supposed to do? mallory is letting me borrow her book, Blue Like Jazz which i started reading in florida but only got about 1/4 through it because we were busy while we were there. so i read & read yesterday and the day before at work and finished it! if you know me, i don’t read that often. i love reading but it’s normally zines or magazines or something on the shorter side because sometimes i have a hard time just sitting down and reading a book because my mind goes..everywhere.. and i think of all the other things i should be doing. it’s dumb, i know. when i was younger i had no problem with this. i read all the time and loved it. like i said before, our hours have been decreasing at work which means i have a lot more free time so i’m hoping to read more. i absolutely love david sedaris so i picked up a copy of Holidays On Ice yesterday when my mom and i took a little trip to my favorite library. also, Blue Like Jazz was a really great book. i liked it a lot.

ok, got off the subject of my day yesterday. after work we went to the library, the dollar store (do you know how much i love dollar stores? A LOT.) to pick up jared’s mail and to the post office. it made me really sad to go to jared’s apartment to get his mail but not being able to see him. it’s so silly, i know but i miss him so very much. little bits of time apart are always healthy for people but i still can’t wait for him to be home.

on the way home my mom asked me what i wanted for dinner. i thought about it and i said, “amish church food!”. it’s so cold and just seemed fitting. now, i’m sure that most of you don’t know what amish normally eat at church. amish people don’t have actual churches, it takes place every other sunday at a different person’s house. after they have church, everybody goes downstairs and they eat food! they normally have soup, sandwiches and everybody brings cookies.

now the soup, which is what he had last night, is called “bread soup”. which is basically: hot milk, bread, browned butter and salt. along with that we had ham and swiss cheese sandwiches. the sandwiches aren’t normal though. they make this spread to go onto the bread, under the ham. the bakery i work at sells a TON of this amish peanut butter spread. people love it but don’t know about the whole..ham thing. little do they know it’s super easy to make. you mix regular peanut butter, marshmallow cream and pancake syrup together. (it’s really rich) anyways, you put a little peanut butter on homemade bread with ham and swiss cheese! i know i know, it sounds disgusting and chances are, you would hate it because you didn’t grow up with this weird combination but it’s so good.

alright, enough amish talk. after dinner brit and i went to massillon to watched the day the earth stood still. she drove and bought my ticket so it was kind of like a date, haha. in the whole theater it was me, her, a guy and his dad. four people. and i know why: the movie sucked a whole lot.


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