i was typing up an entry for the last fifteen minutes then i went to preview and it somehow all got erased! anyways. there wasn’t anything overly important in those paragraphs…just blabbing on about not blogging for a long time, how time goes way too fast. i’m sitting here with chilly hands, finishing up a freelance project, and telling myself to get up and wash the dishes because my eyes hurt. staring at a computer screen for 7ish hours each day will do that to ya. (even though i’ve been wearing reading glasses at work)
it’s 2013. holy smokes!
i’m twenty five & have a grown up job. holy smokes!
jared and i have been together for over seven years. holy smokes!
i haven’t written an entry over here for so long that i don’t even know what to talk about. so maybe i’ll just write a good things list.
+ my oscar.
+ the coziness of a hot cup of chai.
+ instantly connecting with some people.
+ finding old mix cds.
+ philosophy’s “hot buttered rum” 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath. smells like i’m showering in a cloud of caramel. magical.
+ telling myself that I WILL send christmas cards in the mail next year.
+ having off work for christmas & new years.
+ watching too much tv & wearing pajamas during that time off.
+ sleeping in with no alarm. it’s the best feeling.
+ my growing obsession with lipstick.
+ organizing! (helps my brain feel better)
+ not making new year’s resolutions.
+ going on vacation soon.
+ having brunch with my family.
+ my new hello kitty vans.
+ starting to build an epic blanket fort in my bedroom.
+ spotify.
+ playing with my nail stamping supplies.
+ baby hugs & kisses from my niece.
+ baked oatmeal.
+ finally working on a creative project. (stationery)
i miss you guys. you people that aren’t on instagram! i miss being really involved in the blogging world.

this & that part two

tea cupboard.

packaging cookies for my mom.

jared surprised me with this! if you haven’t listened to it yet, do yourself a favor and buy it. i’m in love with it.


every friday night hang outs.



jared’s birthday card i made.

taco night at my house. along with a fire, rummy by candle light & dutch blitz.




this & that part one

here is Oscar being so cute.


my dudes!

little birthday party at brit m’s woodland shelter.

j and I went to a mad men themed benefit/party thing. it was like adult prom. (in a good way) by the way, i’ve started wearing (real) lipstick and i’m a little obsessed.

Calvin Johnson played at the ballroom! crazy, crazy!

beautiful ohio.

heather partch just happened to be in my neck of the woods so we met up and hung out for a few hours! meeting Internet friends is always awesome/a little nerve wrecking/mostly awesome.

best niece award goes to jenna.

worky work

things have been quiet over in this part of the blog world. i hardly use my desktop computer anymore since i got this stinkin’ iPhone. it’s so easy and allows me to be lazy. (well, more lazy)

i don’t have anything important or super interesting to fill you in on except that i got a new job! it’s a graphic design position at a local-ish publishing company. it’s pretty much the job i’ve been trying to find for 6+ years. i have the evenings off and saturdays off as well. having a real weekend is beyond amazing. i really like my coworkers, i get my own office & i can wear whatever i want. there’s hardly anything i don’t like about this job. except that i miss my old coworkers. it’s weird to go from seeing certain people every single day to hardly seeing them at all.




i’m beyond excited for beach house’s new album to come out in may! ahhh! i’m hoping they play in cleveland again.i’ve listened to this song so many times. so good.

speaking of so good – blood orange soda! YUM.


nice, ohio weather.


desk area.


jared bought me this adorable phone case!



a doodle for a compilation zine.


florida trip

slept a lot. ate a lot. laughed a lot. enjoyed the warm weather.